Nigiri Sushi - 1 piece per order

Tuna / maguro
Salmon / sake
Shrimp / ebi
Yellowtail / hamachi
Fresh Water Eel / unagi
Crab stick / kanikama
Egg / tamago
Flying Fish Roe / tobiko
Amberjack / kanpachi
Mackerel / saba
Octopus / tako
Red Snapper / tai
Salmon Roe / ikura
Scallop / hotate
Smoked Salmon
Snow Crab
Squid / ika
Sweet Shrimp / amaebi
Sea Urchin Roe / uni
White Tuna / shiro maguro

Sushi Dinner - Chef's Choice
7 piece nigiri + Spicy Tuna Roll.....16.95
10 piece nigiri + Spicy Tuna Roll.....22.95

Sushi Dinner Deluxe - Chef's Choice
7 piece nigiri + any roll.....22.95
10 piece nigiri + any roll....28.95

Traditional Rolls - Single Ingredient, 6 pieces per order

Asparagus Roll....3.50
Avocado Roll.....3.25
Black Mushroom Roll (Seasoned Shitake Mushroom).....4.00
Cucumber Roll....3.00
Eel Roll..... 4.00
Salmon Roll.....4.00
Smoked Salmon Roll.....4.00
Tuna Roll.....4.00
Yellowtail Roll.....4.00
White Tuna Roll.....4.00
**We'd like to take a moment to mention that our roll selection is rather great.  We apologize for the lengthy reading below**
We are working on an easy-view format.

Special Rolls - 6 pieces per order
AAC Roll (avocado, asparagus, cucumber).....4.50
Alaskan (salmon, avocado, cucumber).....5.00
California (crab stick, cucumber, avocado).....4.50
Chicken Teriyaki.....4.75
Crunchy Crab (spicy crab salad, asparagus, tempura crunch).....6.25
Crunchy White Tuna (spicy white tuna, jalapeno, cucumber, tempura crunch).....6.50
East (tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, masago).....6.75
Eel Avocado.....4.75
Kiwi Salmon.....5.00
Kogi (marinated beef).....5.25
Kogi Tempura (fried kogi roll, eel sauce).....7.00
Mango Crunch (spicy yellowtail, jalapeno, mango, tempura crunch).....6.50
New York (salmon, apple).....5.00
Philly (smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber).....5.25
Red Tiger (tuna, shrimp, spicy crab salad).....7.00
Rendezvous (yellowtail, shrimp, salmon, avocado, masago).....7.00
Salmon Skin (salmon skin, kaiware, cucumber, eel sauce).....5.00
Scallop Tempura.....6.00
Scrunchy Snapper (tempura snapper, spicy crab salad).....7.00
Shrimp California (shrimp, avocado, cucumber).....5.00
Spicy Cali (spicy paste, crab stick, cucumber, avocado).....5.00
Spicy Hamachi (yellowtail, spicy paste, cucumber).....5.50
Spicy Salmon.....5.00
Spicy Scallop.....5.75
Spicy Tuna.....5.50
Spicy White Tuna (spicy paste, white tuna, asparagus, cucumber).....5.75
Sunday Morning (salmon, cream cheese, tempura fried, eel sauce).....6.00
Sweet Potato Tempura.....4.75
Tango (tuna, mango).....5.00
Tempura Shrimp.....5.75
Tofu Tempura.....5.25
White Tiger (white tuna, crab salad, lettuce, asparagus).....6.75
Veggie-5pcs (carrot, tofu, oshinko, cucumber, avocado, black mushroom, asparagus).....6.50
Sea Monster - 8pc Giant Roll (spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, tempura shrimp, eel, masago).....13.00
Spider -8pc Giant Roll (tempura soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, cream cheese, masago).....12.00
Yum Yum -8pc Giant Roll (fried roll of eel, salmon, tuna, avocado, eel sauce).....12.00

Specialty Topping Rolls

Baked Shrimp & Crab (crab sticks, cream cheese, with spicy shrimp and crab salad baked on top).....9.00
Big Apple (salmon, apple, kaiware, with crab salad and ikura on top).....11.00
Caterpillar (spicy tuna, cucumber, with avocado and masago on top).....10.00
Cilantro Salsa (soy wrapped yellowtail, jalapeno, cucumber, topped with sliced tuna, avocado cilantro salsa,
sweet fried noodles on Korean BBQ sauce).....15.00
Citrus Crunch (spicy white tuna, jalapeno, tempura crunch, wrapped with tuna, yellowtail, lemon slices, cilantro, and wasabi tobiko).....13.00
Crunch Tiger (shrimp, tuna, spicy crab salad, wrapped with avocado, trio sauces, tempura crunch).....$10.00
Dragon (tempura shrimps topped with eel, eel sauce).....12.00
Golden Snapper (spicy crab salad, asparagus, topped with tempura snapper and avocado wasabi sauce)....11.00
Hulk (snapper tempura, spicy crab salad, with seasoned seaweed salad on top).....10.00
Jalapeno Snapper (avocado, cucumber, cream cheese topped with tempura snapper, jalapeno, avocado wasabi sauce and sriracha sauce).....10.00
Kiwimoto (tuna, mango, smoked salmon, topped with kiwi, avocado wasabi sauce and black tobiko)....11.00
Makimoto (spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, wrapped in eel and avocado with eel sauce).....12.00
Mangomoto (shrimp, tuna, spicy crab salad topped with slices of mango and trio sauces).....11.00
Orchard (spicy tuna, cucumber wrapped with salmon, crab salad, and spicy mayo).....11.00
Osaka (avocado, crab stick, cucumber, wrapped with tuna, crab salad and eel sauce).....12.00
Raider (salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, avocado topped with tuna, salmon, avocado, spicy sauce duo).....12.00
Rainbow (avocado, crab stick, cucumber, wrapped with snapper, salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp, avocado, yellowtail).....12.00
Red Dragon (spicy tempura shrimps, topped with spicy tuna, crunch, sriracha and spicy mayo).....12.00
Salmon Teriyaki (cooked salmon, cream cheese, wrapped in avocado and teriyaki sauce).....9.00
Seaside (tuna, cilantro, avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, topped with yellowtail, masago, lime juice, hot chili oil).....12.00
Smoking Shrimp (tempura shrimps wrapped in smoked salmon, avocado, avocado wasabi sauce).....11.00
Snow (tempura snapper, spicy crab salad topped with yellowtail).....12.00
Spicy Berry (spicy tuna, asian pear, topped with strawberry and balsamic reduction).....11.00
Spicy Mexican (tempura shrimps, wrapped in steamed shrimps and avocado with spicy sauce duo).....10.00
Sunset (eel, cream cheese, crab stick topped with avocado, masago, eel sauce).....10.00
Sweet Ginger (sweet potato tempura, asparagus wrapped in avocado and ginger dressing).....9.00
Tempura Mango (fried mango, cream cheese, wrapped with avocado, tempura crunch with trio sauces).....10.00
The Strawberry (spicy yellowtail, jalapeno, mango, crunch, topped with scallop, strawberry, and wasabi tobiko).....13.00
Tuna Tataki (tempura shrimps wrapped with torched tuna and sweet chili sauce).....12.00
Volcano (yellowtail, avocado, jalapeno, tempura crunch, topped with spicy tuna and wasabi tobiko).....10.00
White Dragon (yellowtail, scallion, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in white tuna and wasabi tobiko).....12.00
Zesty Sunday Morning (fried roll of salmon & cream cheese, topped with spicy crab salad and eel sauce).....9.50