Dinner Entrees
all entrees are served with miso soup and rice

Chicken Teriyaki.....$13.95
Diced chicken with House Teriyaki sauce with a side of veggies
for steak or shrimp, add $2

Shrimp Tempura Dinner.....$14.95
Six pieces of jumbo shrimp tempura and sweet potato fries with ginger-soy dipping sauce

Veggie Tempura Dinner....$11.95
Assorted veggies with ginger-soy dipping sauce

Bulgogi Dinner....$15.95
Marinted sliced sirloin beef with a side of veggies and tempura onions

Makimoto Hibachi.....$14.95
Choice of chicken/shrimp/steak or a combination of two, stir fried with assorted veggies

Rice bowl topped with individually seasoned veggies and a choice of beef/chicken/tofu cooked in a stone bowl
With egg, add $1

Makimoto Sake.....$18.95
Pan seared salmon fillet on a bed of veggies topped with House teriyaki sauce with seaweed salad

Makimoto Ahi Tuna....$22.95
Tuna fillet served rare with sweet chili sauce on a bed of veggies and a side of seaweed salad

Chicken Katsu.....$12.95
Panko breaded deep-fried chicken fillet with katsu sauce and stir fried veggies
for pork, add $2

Tempura Udon Noodles.....$12.95
Savory udon noodle soup with tempura shrimps

Chirashi PLate....$22.95
Classic Japanese dish of sushi rice topped with assorted fish, masago, and shitake mushroom

Unagi Don.....$18.95
Slices of fresh water eel layered on a bed of sushi rice with a side of veggies

Tuna Don....$22.95
Slices of fresh tuna on a sushi rice, drizzled with house ponzu sauce